7 Famous Individual Training Methods for Employees (Explain)

Since the work of employees is of varied nature and differs widely from industry to industry, it is not possible to suggest or prescribe any single method of training to employees which may suit all types of employees. That is why different types of employees are given different kinds of training.

individual training methods for employees
individual training methods for employees

The employees’ individual training methods include: on the job training, training through correspondence, internship training, training through study courses, training through individual coaching, training through special assignments, observation posts, etc.

Individual Training Methods for Employees

Following are the individual training methods for employees:

1. Training on the Job

It is a practical method of training in which the trainee gets actual experience by working along with some senior supervisor on the job.

It is the most popular method of training. It is also called ‘training within the industry’ or ‘cost and pupil training‘.

Employees work along with senior supervisor until the senior supervisors are fully satisfied that the trainee is competent to work individually.

Under this method of employee training, process charts, manuals, demonstrations, tape records, etc. are also used.

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2. Training Through Correspondence

Under this employee’s training method, training is provided to the trainees through correspondence.

The special study courses are supplied to the trainees through post by a recognized institution regularly at the residence of the trainees, the trainee is required to answer questions.

These answers duly examined by the panel of the institution regularly.

The trainee is intimated about the mistakes committed by them.

After a certain period, the trainees are required to appear in the formal examination.

As soon as they pass the prescribed examination, degree or certificates to the trainees are awarded.

3. Internship Training

This method of training refers to a joint program of training in which the Technical Institution and business house corporate.

The object of such a corporation is to provide theoretical and practical training both side by side to the trainee.

As soon as the trainees or employees complete their training they are taken in the regular service of the concerned business house.

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4. Training Through Study Courses

Under this method of employee training, study courses are prepared under the direct supervision and guidance of the experts.

The necessary illustration is done through photos and videos.

These study courses are supplied to the trainee who is required to have a detailed study of the same.

Techniques of Employee Group Training
Techniques of Employee Group Training

These study courses are supplied at different intervals.

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The idea behind this method of training is to refresh the trainee with the latest and up-to-date techniques and the methods of entrepreneurship.

5. Training through Individual Coaching

Under this method of training, coaching is provided by the supervisor to the trainees or employees on a continuous and regularly scheduled basis.

It is essential that the supervisor should consider the training of the trainee placed under him, as part of this job.

6. Training Through Special Assignments

Under this method of employee training, the trainees are provided with special assignments with complete freedom to handle the affairs as they please.

This method of training aims to create confidence in the trainee who may do the task to the best of his ability.

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7. Observation Posts

This employees training method stresses learning by observation. ‘assistant to‘ position makes good observation posts in the development of the trainee or employee.

Training holding assistant posts are likely to grasp and assimilate problems pertaining to a particular post most effectively.

Thus, now you know the individual training methods for employees.

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